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THE BASICS- "A Beginners Guide to Wine" is a step-by-step learning tool that teaches people who are shy around wine to be comfortable in situations where wine is the focus, an accompaniment to food, or just a part of the evening.

Be it dinner, a party, or only a social event with friends...this program contains all of the basic information one needs to know, and is presented in an easy to understand, logical way that makes learning about wine fun...In about an hour, the beginner will feel that they are able to understand what others are saying about wine...after watching the whole program (about 2 hours), that same person will feel they are able to take part in conversations about wine, choose wine with confidence, and begin to develop a real sense of what wine is all about.

The purpose of the entire DVD is to put wine into an accessible framework and to demystify it, so that anyone who watches it can be comfortable in any situation where wine is served, and will be encouraged to expand their horizons in terms of what they buy and drink.

People who need this product include food industry professionals, restaurateurs who want to educate their wait-staff to be more wine friendly, retailers who sell wine and would like a hand-shake product, and of course, anyone who wants to understand what wine is all about.

THE BASICS priced to be very affordable, and is a great learning tool for getting you started. It also makes a great gift for someone whom you want to share your enthusiasm for wine, a wonderful "stocking stuffer", or a great way to encourage someone you may know who is a little intimidated to get their feet wet. The cost is $14.99 plus $3.00 shipping & handling.

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